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Backtesting of Uber SSL Channel / SSL Indicator

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Backtesting of Uber SSL Channel / SSL Indicator

Backtest with focus win/loss profitability. Formula: profitability = win / (win+loss)
Do not put too much weight on trade PNL as the value is not necessary correct.
For example: on SL or TP hit an open position is marked as to be closed but executed on the open a new candle, thus leads to incorrect PNL .

  • Default equity 50k
  • Default 2% Risk per trade
  • Default currency USD
  • Define backtest interval precisely by month, year, day
  • ATR (len: 14, smooth: SMA )
  • ATR based Stop-Loss, if hit trade will be closed and considered as loss
  • ATR based Take-Profit, if hit trade will be closed and considered as win
  • If TP or SL is hit trade is closed and of course considered as win/loss

Strategy is using the following public indicators:

CHFJPY: Uber SSL Indicator [UTS]

All offered chart overlays, indicators and backtest strategies are written in Pine Script and can be used with TradingView only.

Visit published scripts site for an overview about all public and paid access indicators.

Indicator access is usually given within 1-5 hours after received payment.
Due to the manual aspect of adding users to TradingViews database this process can take up to 24 hours.


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